CONTOUR®NEXT CONNECTED blood glucose monitoring system. Discover high accuracy1 and ease of use - the features you want from a meter.

Product Features

  • Easy to use
  • High accuracy1
  • smartLIGHT® for easier understanding of blood glucose levels3
  • Can save test strips with Second-Chance® Sampling technology4
  • Connects to the free CONTOUR®DIABETES app**


Contour Next (connected) is easy to use

An easy-to-use system

The features you want from a meter.Easy to read: Big numbers on display. Easy to use: Large rubber buttons. No initial set up.* Personalised target ranges with averages on the meter.


Discover smartLIGHT® for easier understanding of blood glucose levels3

The unique smartLIGHT® feature makes it quicker and easier to interpret blood glucose readings using coloured lights that clearly identify if the reading is above, within or below your target range.


The CONTOUR®NEXT CONNECTED system has been shown to deliver highly accurate results1

Trust the highly accurate CONTOUR®NEXT CONNECTED system to help you make better self-management decisions.1


Discover Second-Chance® sampling which may help save test strips4

CONTOUR®NEXT CONNECTED has a 60 second count down screen that provides users the opportunity to apply more blood to the same strip if the first sample is insufficient.

Contour Diabetes App

Connects to the FREE CONTOUR®DIABETES app

The free CONTOUR®DIABETES app is available to support diabetes self-management, adding insight and meaning to the results.

Easy to use: Syncs** automatically with the meter to upload all blood glucose readings to an electronic diary.

Easy to understand: My Patterns helps identify trends in blood glucose results and displays notifications of potential causes.

Easy to share: The blood sugar diary report can be sent prior to, or shared during, an appointment with a healthcare professional.

The CONTOUR®DIABETES app applies appropriate safeguards to ensure your personal data is processed securely and in compliance with applicable laws.

Check to see if your smartphone’s operating system is compatible

How to use*

You are only 3 steps away from a remarkably accurate1 result.

Step 1

1. Insert CONTOUR®NEXT test strip and the meter will switch on.

Step 2

2. Let the blood drop be sipped into the test strip.

Step 3

3. View the test reading together with the smartLIGHT® colour indicator.

Instructional Video

Work With

CONTOUR® NEXT blood glucose test strips

CONTOUR® DIABETES app for iOS or Android smartphones or tablets**

MICROLET®NEXT lancing device with MICROLET® lancets


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Always consult your healthcare provider prior to making changes to your target ranges.

*Before use please see the CONTOUR®NEXT (connected) user guide for full instructions.

**On a compatible Android or iOS device. For a list of compatible operating systems, please visit

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2. Research partnership Ascensia Diabetes Care Market Research, March 17. 100 patients in Canada, Germany, and US.
3. Smartson online survey, Sweden 2017. 352 respondents: People with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, over 18 years old, who tested at least 4-7 times a day. Participants received free meter and tests strips. Survey funded by Ascensia Diabetes Care.
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