OUR 70 Year History

Established as a standalone company in 2016 with the purchase of Bayer Diabetes Care by Panasonic Healthcare Holdings, Ascensia Diabetes Care is set to continue a proud legacy of innovations and firsts in diabetes management.

For more than 70 years, continuous research has allowed our diabetes care team to lead the way in blood glucose monitoring systems. These have been developed specifically to meet the needs of patients, and, along the way, we have introduced many firsts.

1941 - Clinitest

The first convenient test for sugars in urine (tablet).

1956 - Clinistix

The first 'dip and read' test strip for glucose in urine.

1964 - Dextrostix

The first test strip for glucose in blood.

1969 - Ames Reflectance Meter from Miles Laboratories Ltd

The first portable blood glucose meter.

1985 - Glucometer 2 with Memory

The first blood glucose meter with a results memory.

1986 - Glucometer M

The first blood glucose meter with event markers and computer interface.

1987 - Glucofacts®

The first PC application for analysing blood glucose data in a clinic environment.

1989 - Glucofacts® Data-Link

The first telephone link-up with a blood glucose meter.

1994 - Glucometer® Elite®

The first capillary draw biosensor for blood glucose monitoring.

1997 - Glucometer® / Esprit™

The first reagent cartridge system for self-blood glucose monitoring.

1999 - MICROLET® Vaculance

The first lancing device designed to enable sample acquisition from alternative body sites.

2003 - Ascensia® BREEZE®

No Coding technology is launched and is combined with an on-board disc of test strips in the Ascensia BREEZE blood glucose meter.

2004 - Ascensia® CONTOUR®

The UK launches the first single strip meter to use No Coding technology.

2007 - New CONTOUR® and BREEZE® 2

Continuing to build on already successful products, enhanced versions of both the CONTOUR® meter and BREEZE® 2 in 2007 is launched to provide faster test times and smaller blood samples.


CONTOUR® launches innovative new blood glucose meter which wirelessly transmits blood glucose test results to compatible Medtronic insulin pumps, making insulin dosing easier than ever for patients on insulin pump therapy.

2009 - DIDGET™

DIDGET is launched, the first blood glucose meter to reward children for consistent testing.


The CONTOUR® USB, the world's first meter with plug and play diabetes management software, is launched in the UK and Ireland.

2012 - CONTOUR®XT meter and CONTOUR® NEXT test strips

The CONTOUR®XT meter and CONTOUR® NEXT test strips, using new innovative technology to offer next generation accuracy to people with diabetes in the UK is launched.


The CONTOUR® NEXT USB and CONTOUR® NEXT LINK meters which use CONTOUR®NEXT test strips, using new innovative technology to offer next generation accuracy to people with diabetes in the UK is launched.

2014 - CONTOUR®NEXT Meter

The CONTOUR®NEXT meter which uses CONTOUR®NEXT test strips, using new innovative technology to offer next generation accuracy to people with diabetes in the UK is launched.


CONTOUR®NEXT LINK 2.4 meter which uses CONTOUR®NEXT test strips. The CONTOUR®NEXT LINK 2.4 meter wirelessly sends blood glucose results to compatible Medtronic 640G insulin pumps is launched.

The new CONTOUR®TS meter which uses CONTOUR®TS test strips in the UK.

2016 – CONTOUR® Meter

A new improved version of the CONTOUR® meter with a silver and black design is launched. It utilises the CONTOUR® test strips to meet performance accuracy requirements.

October 2016 – CONTOUR®NEXT ONE meter and CONTOUR®DIABETES app

Simple to set up, the CONTOUR®Next ONE meter and CONTOUR®DIABETES App seamlessly connect to capture all your blood glucose readings

2019 - CONTOUR®PLUS Meter

CONTOUR®Plus meter, a cost effective and highly accurate meter with Second-Chancesampling is launched. This meter uses Contour® Plus test strips.

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